Tax Fraud Hurts Everyone

Posted by Carpenter Contractor Trust on Jun 10, 2020 10:51:07 AM

The effects of tax fraud extend further than you may realize. Victims of tax fraud include, but are not limited to, families, local workers, state programs and infrastructure.

Watch the videos below to learn more about the impacts of construction tax fraud.


4) Law-Criminal Activity_v2

Economic Issue: Illegal employment increases tax burdens on workers, strains community healthcare and ultimately moves wages out of communities - in some cases, out of states.



2) Human Trafficking - Labor Brokers_v2

Human Trafficking: Labor brokers are fly-by-night companies practicing illegal activities such as colluding with payday loans and aggressive financial threats, leaving workers to vulnerable when they don't receive a paycheck.



3) Healthcare - Benefits_v2

Healthcare & Benefits: Misclassified workers have no options to receive health insurance through their employer and most are not eligible to receive unemployment insurance when dismissed.



5) Tax Payers - School Funding_v2

Community Funding: Uncollected taxes leads to reduced funding for emergency services, less cashflow for public works projects and reductions in public school and transportation spending.

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