Infrastructure For Rebuilding America

Posted by Carpenter Contractor Trust on Jun 25, 2020 2:18:37 PM
The House of Representatives have introduced a $1.5 trillion infrastructure bill that calls for a huge increase in funding for roads and bridges across America. Known as the Moving Forward Act, the measure includes spending:
  • $500 billion on highways and bridges
  • $25 billion for drinking water
  • $70 billion on clean energy projects
  • $100 billion on low income schools and other items


The 112-year-old bridge carries 450 Northeast Corridor trains per day over the Hackensack River. The bridge replacement is a key piece of to the Gateway Program, which will add two more tunnels for trains under the Hudson River. The portal bridge replacement project will create roughly 15,000 union jobs.



The Delaware Interchange supports economic vitality by reducing congestion and addressing safety risks posed by queuing traffic during peak periods. The flyovers will eliminate weaving on southbound SR 896 overpass for vehicles entering and exiting I-95, while also providing more space for merging and diverging vehicles on I-95.



Through upgrades to water infrastructure facilities that are located within the floodplain and at risk during flooding events, this federal investment will support positive stormwater management drainage at the Chestertown Marina. These improvements will benefit more than 5,000 Maryland residents in the Town of Chestertown and surrounding Kent County.


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